NeverLand, 2019
Choreographed and Directed by David Lloyd
Commissioned by Jasmin Vardimon Company for JV2 Company

“What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”
William Golding – Lord of the Flies

“To die would be an awfully big adventure.”
– Peter Pan

“Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”
William Golding – Lord of the Flies

Performed at The Gulbenkian, Northcott Theatre and Sadler’s Wells

RED 2018
Directed and Choreographed by David Lloyd and Natascha Metherall

Inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, David’s Mischief rips the story apart and stitches it back together to create a twisted nightmarish underbelly of a world where all is not as it seems.

As she strolls through the forest RED has to contend with the Devil on her shoulder and the Wolf in her heart, but which path will she choose?

Told through intricate storytelling, powerful choreography and set to a pounding soundtrack, you’re in for a wild ride.

“Spectacular, amazing, horrifying, incredible” Audience member

“It was gripping, absolutely astonishing” Audience member

Suitable for audiences aged 16+
Contains adult themes such as drug taking, violence and domestic abuse


Directed and Choreographed by David Lloyd

Inspired by the Australian book, Holding The Man written by Timothy Conigrave and the Australian play BLACKROCK by Nick Enright.

BLACKROCK tell’s the story of Joe, a gay male searching for his path in life. But Joe soon learns that choices have consequences and consequences can be deadly. Joe discovers more then what he bargained for in this new physical theatre piece devised with the 2nd year Performing Arts Students.

Commissioned by University of Cumbria
in association with Mischief Company


RED ‘Trailer Version’ 2016
Directed & Choreographed by David Lloyd
Funded by Arts Council England

Commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West
Supported by Cumbria University, Jasmin Vardamon Company,

RED is the new work by Mischief Company exploring the darker side of a classic story – Little Red Riding Hood. Influenced by Dante’s inferno we watch as three characters; Red, The Wolf & The Devil, embark on journey of love, sacrifice and betrayal.

Exploring the relationship between Red and The wolf, you see Red consumed by the forest as we take a dark and misleading pathway to Granny’s house. We watch as the relationship descends into an animalistic madness of manipulation and control, as lovers take actions into their own hands. But who is real in this fairy tail and who has been brought along for the ride?

RED is a daring and dark work that combines physical movement with an electrifying sound score. Exploring the darker side of a children’s classic fairy-tail, RED is an evening and slick movement, bold theatrical imagery & pounding music that absorbs the audiences from the outset!


Producer – Helen Kumar
Co Director/Dramaturgy – Natascha Metherell
Lighting design – Ed Yetton

Music design – Will Tonna


RED – Research and Development 2015

Choreographed and Directed by David Lloyd

Filmed over our 4 week research and development this is a promo video of our new work RED. Keep an eye out in 2017 for the full-length work to be on uk tour.
Funded by Arts Council England
Supported by Jasmin Vardamon Company, Pavilion Dance South West, Dance City

Through RED and WOLF’S relationship, as told through the character of the M.C./DEVIL, RED becomes consumed by all that is around her, leaving the DEVIL to start misleading her through the deep dark forest, taking her off the path on the way to Granny’s house. The WOLF is transformed by the DEVIL from boy to man becoming animalistic, controlling, and manipulative. As the relationship plummets into something RED can’t control, she descends into madness as the WOLF devours her, body and soul. In one last attempt to save her life, RED regains power from the DEVIL, battles the WOLF for her territory, and axes the WOLF to death. BUT did the DEVIL actually exist or is RED playing both roles?
Filmed at the Jasmin Vardamon Production Space
Producer – Helen Kumar
Co Director/Dramaturgy – Natascha Metherell
Lighting design – Ed Yetton
Set Design – Gary Chapman



Directed and choreographed by David Lloyd.

Paradise is something I’ve been trying to find my whole life, whether it be in love, relationships, control, power, manipulation or even the perfect place to sit. This piece is a representation of finding the perfect Paradise and as humans, our own downfall to destruction of emotion and human control. After all, we are animals and will fight for our own survival no matter what. Therefore darkness was an essential part in this journey of hope, happiness, love and perfection.

Filming by Stu Cross
Video edited by AΦE

Rafael Anton Irisarri, John Tavener, Jon Hopkins

Commissioned By Cumbia University


Directed and Choreographed by David Lloyd – Artistic Directors of Mischief Company
Commissioned by University of Cumbria
Performed at Stanwix Theatre October 2015

After the case of 4 girls going missing near the woods, DOGTOWN is left in a web of lies, betrayals and hidden secrets. But as the events unfold revenge is a dish best served cold and no one can hide from what will stick the little place of DOGTOWN.

Performed by the JH2 students
Dramaturgy by Gill Roncarelli
Lighting Design by Connor O’Neill and Anthony Parkinson
Set and Sound Design by Anthony Parkinson
Costume Design by Jay Palmer

music: Theory of Machine by Ben Frost, Remember (walking in the sand) by The Shangrilas, Hawton by Anthony Partos, The Jean Genie by David Bowie, Flex by Ben Frost, Holy Trinh Thi by Punish Yourself, Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, November by Max Richter.

Stanwix Theatre Team
Theatre manager – Lexie Ward
Theatre Technicians – Tony Sharpe/Heather Rucastle
Senior Sound Technician – Brian Brooks
Production Carpenters John Whitfield/Siobhan Stockfield