Mischief Company aims to bring daring, imaginative and challenging works to its audiences. The collaboration of co-artistic directors, David Lloyd and Natascha Metherell, interweaves slick physical movement and bold theatrical imagery to create storytelling at its most exciting and innovative. Using commissioned sound scores, the company’s unique style is based in physical theatre with a definite filmic quality.  Working in a collective style David and Natascha collaborate with a vast range of creative artists to give each project a distinctive fingerprint.

As the company embarks on its latest R&D for a brand new work entitled BLUE, we are offering a number of participation opportunities integral to the development of this new work.  For professional dancers and actors, local community, as well as those of you who want to get involved without leaving the comfort of your own homes, see below for how to get involved!





Free to attend for anyone aged 16+.  These workshops are open for anyone (regardless of dance or theatrical experience) that are interested to develop skills in physical theatre, meet new people and interact through theatrical and fun practical games, sharing stories or willing to tackle ideas about sex, sexuality and the impact of these on our lives.  We especially hope to encourage participants from the LGBTQ+ communities.


Date: Thursday 4th July 

Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Venue: Gulbenkian Theatre, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NB

Cost: Free to Attend.  Registration Required

To Register: Mischief Company Workshop Registration Form


Write to Us…Call for Your Real Stories!

Mischief Company are about to embark on the creation of a brand-new work called BLUE.

Inspired by La Ronde (Arthur Schnitzler) / The Blue Room (David Hare), BLUE will dive headfirst into the world of sex! Styled as a series of vignettes that tell the story of one man’s journey through his sexual awakening, adventure, love and partners – all that makes him the man he is today.  Exploring the changing attitudes to sex, sexuality, morality and class identity through the 20th Century to the modern day this will be one entertaining and naughty night out.

Working with 4 dancers, BLUE will examine how these themes can be explored for a modern audience, investigating society’s changing attitude to sex, gender and also the different ways in which sex has been portrayed in culture over the last 100 years.

In order to make this work a true reflection of our society, real-life experiences and viewpoints, we are calling upon real-life stories from the public, and especially from LGBTQ+ communities, to share insight and experiences which will inform the content for the work.

Whether you have a funny, serious, or heart-breaking story, we want to hear from you.  Of course, your stories can remain anonymous should you wish, or you can author your story with pride*!

*All stories will remain anonymous or names will be replaced in the final work if used in their original form.

Either way, send us your stories to be involved in the creation of this brand new, exciting and provocative work!

Any questions?  Please email:

To submit your story, please email no more than 1000 words to: